Weekend Project: Sporty Banter

Over the weekend, I delved into the latest web technologies to create a fun project Sporty Banter centered around humorous commentary on sports events like the Champions League, NBA, Euroleague, and Tennis matches.

Sporty Banter

Axum Web Framework

To power the backend, I opted for Axum, a modern web framework in Rust known for its asynchronous capabilities.

Askama Template Engine

Rendering dynamic content seamlessly was made possible by Askama, a template engine for Rust. Its pre-compilation feature allowed me to generate HTML templates efficiently from Rust code.

SQLX Crate with SQLite

Managing data efficiently was crucial, so I utilized SQLX with SQLite for the database. This combination provided a reliable and performant solution while allowing me to interact with the database using safe Rust code.

Tailwind CSS

Crafting the frontend was a breeze with Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework. Its modular approach enabled rapid prototyping and customization, resulting in a sleek and responsive user interface.


In just a short span, leveraging these innovative technologies, I was able to bring Sporty Banter to life—a platform where sports enthusiasts can enjoy a light-hearted take on their favorite matches, powered by the latest web development tools and frameworks.